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Christmas Promotional Print Gift Ideas

With Christmas right around the corner, now is a good time to think about sending your customers a little something, just to say thank you, whilst also keeping you and your brand front of mind. 2020 has really been a bleak year for most, so what better way to brighten someone’s day and show that […]

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Give a Christmas Gif

Tired of sending traditional Christmas cards? Looking for an alternative & want something electronic instead? We have the perfect solution, why not send one of or personalised Christmas GIF e-cards. They’re cheaper, more environmentally friendly and arguably offer greater opportunity to be creative with moving images and flashing lights. Our Free Christmas Gif Ecard Templates […]

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Brochure and Catalogue Samples

To download a PDF showing examples of some of the printed brochures and catalogues we have supplied for our clients, just click the image below      

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Gold. Always believe in your soul

Adding that extra bit of pizzazz to your print, can really enhance the experience for the end user and give your product more perceived value. Alot of brands enhance their print using special colours, foils and other techniques.   It’s true to say these effects cost more than your traditional printing in 4 colour process, […]

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Promotion without the commotion

If you want the ideal customer giveaways and want to improve your brand awareness at the same time, a promotional product can be a great way to ensure you are always kept, front of mind. These can be items used at work, an event, out & about, or equally just at home. Or perhaps you […]

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Making Online Consumers Feel Special

As online consumers, we are certainly spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a retailer to part with our hard-earned cash. However, for me it’s very hard to differentiate between a lot of retailers and ultimately I’ve always bought on price, brand trust,  and speed of delivery. The transactions, have been somewhat boring and […]

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10 Tips for Publishers

How to reduce the impact of rising costs in Print 1) Format – Did you know; by reducing an A4 publication by 20%, can potentially halve the number of printed sheets required to run for your publication. This would save alot on paper, as well as reduce the printing cost at the same time. Alternatively, […]

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Catalogue Advice & Cost Saving Tips

We love to share ideas and advice with our customers and we hope that’s one of the reasons they return to us time and time again. We hope you might find some benefits in these catalogue tips below. 1. Pagination In Litho printing, on the whole, the magic number is 16. This is the total […]

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If everything isn’t black and white, I say, ‘Why the hell not?

quote by John Wayne   Sometimes it’s best to keep it nice and simple. A well designed piece of Black and White print can carry maximum impact when used big and bold. Our client wanted to mail out a promotional piece for an upcoming event. They had already designed the main piece, but for maximum […]

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Getting A Cold Isn’t All Bad News (when it’s Cold Foiling)

The temperature may still be a little chilly outside, but you can’t beat a good COLD FOIL embellishment to enhance your print and stand out from the competition. Take a look at some of our recent promotional work that uses this very effective and engaging print technique that used to only be associated with specialist […]

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The Power of Print Media

In a ever more digital marketing world, where the success of each online campaign can be measured and quanitified, it is easy to forget about the power that printed media has. According to the ACA, 62% of people across all demographics still see printed marketing materials as the most effective advertising channel. Digital marketing can […]

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Anyone for Croissants?

Utilising our Symbian printed calendar today, I noticed its refers to Croissant day on the 31st January. It made me realise that I’d not had any breakfast, but that’s another matter entirely! So I thought I’d google it, as you do, and I’m quite shocked to find out that they aren’t French in origin, they’re […]

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