Making Online Consumers Feel Special

As online consumers, we are certainly spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a retailer to part with our hard-earned cash. However, for me it’s very hard to differentiate between a lot of retailers and ultimately I’ve always bought on price, brand trust,  and speed of delivery. The transactions, have been somewhat boring and impersonal, even when I’d though I had bought something exciting. That was up until now.

I’ve finally found an online retailer with a like-minded sense of humour. After quite a few years of online shopping under my belt, although very very convenient, it’s always lacked that interaction of a face to face shop purchase and the whole buying experience has been somewhat dull.

If I could write a fun order confirmation and then a subsequent order update; this retailer has nailed exactly the type of thing I would love to do to try and make the consumer feel important and brighten up the purchasing experience. Yes, it’s a little OTT and maybe a tad cheesy, but it certainly made me smile and I still felt important about my purchase. Let’s hope the product arrives safely and it lives up to expectations (and no, I’m not telling you what I bought – I don’t want any BIG data stored about me!) , but in the meantime, it’s been the most fun £15.00 I have ever spent online and I will be looking to trial this type of communicated response to some of our own customers here at Symbian to see what sort of feedback we get.

Online retailers take note. It costs you nothing to make your customers feel special and in my opinion goes along way to build on that brand loyalty and add that personal touch, even if it’s through automated response communications.

For anyone that wants to place an order with us this month, I will try extra hard to make you feel extra extra special, I promise 😊.

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