Send a Calendar for Christmas

If you are anything like me, then you get excited about receiving next year’s calendar, so you can flick through to those special events like your birthday, or check if it’s a leap year this time around.

Another thing I love to do is find a mistake…

I’ll search high and low looking for one; have all the months got the right amount of days in them, are the months in order, are all the days of the week spelt correctly – you’ll be amazed at what you can find if you look closely enough.

Then of course, once you find a mistake, it’s like you’ve won the lottery, you tell all of your workmates, not straight away mind, you just give them a gentle hint and see if they too are marvellous and eagle eyed, and if they fail – you punch the air with glee at your special skill, whilst the others look on with wonderment, well that’s how I remember it happening. Next, you don’t really want to, but feel it’s your purpose in life to ring up said printer and after asking them how their work/life balance is and if the trade is particularly busy, you point out your discovery.

“Erm Bob, I’ve just received your Calendar, Oh it’s a lovely printed piece, really shows off your press technology and the £1.4 million you just invested in the latest kit and I especially like the fluffy Kitten featured in July, but truth be known, I’ve spotted a typo!. February maybe the shortest month, but it’s not short on letters and you seem to be missing some. You’ve spelt it Febury. Anyway, just thought I’d point it out, just in case, due to popular demand you have to print some more, I mean I’ll coin a phrase you probably hear a lot Robert, “there’s always time for a reprint”

Sorry, I got a bit side tracked, back to the actual point of the blog which is that Calendars do make wonderful gifts for clients and customers alike, they have great practical use, are informative, can promote branding and ensure you are front of mind all year round.

We can produce a wide range of calendars be it Desk/Tent Calendars, Wall Calendars, Desk Pad Planner Calendars or Pocket Calendars (I think that’s pretty much all of them). And if you order through us, we will be sure to get our eagle eyed “Calendar blogger” who shan’t be named to have a good look through your artwork before we send it to print. We can even send you an artwork template if required, or if you don’t have a resource, we can even design it for you.

If however, you are not looking to get a Calendar printed but would simply like us to send you one of ours, please email us your contact and address details to and we’ll try to get you one posted out, although stock is limited, so be quick (we are not planning to reprint them 🙂 ).

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