Imagine being able to entrust all your printing requirements to a dedicated team leaving you to concentrate on running the other important aspects of your business.

For more than twenty years Symbian Print Intelligence has been doing just that, taking the stress out of printing and mailing by managing the process on behalf of companies like yours, from start to finish.

Hybrid Mail

With the UK in another full lockdown, it can prove very difficult for some businesses to get mailed correspondence to their customers, whether it be marketing, policy documents, invoices, or letters of engagement. Hybrid Mail may be just the solution.

This is where Symbian can help you

upload your data for hybrid mail

We can offer a simple portal, where you can upload your data securely on a daily or weekly basis and we can then process your mail requirements, including printing letters, marketing literature and any other correspondence and mail it out the very same day. This will ease the load on your mail room, or other staff tasked with processing mail.

At the same time, it’s possible with our discounted postage rates and business efficiency, that we could actually reduce costs for your business, so saving you money at the same time and ensuring your customers get high quality printed correspondence in a timely and efficient manner.

How do we do it?

hybrid mail letters

Once data is sent to us, we merge, sort, print, finish, envelope and dispatch via DSA into the Royal Mail network for onward delivery.

2-3 days later your letters, postcards and other mailings are in the hands of your customers. We can also offer a priority 1st class service for those needing to reach customers sooner, or add on SMS and email messaging.

Depending on your exact requirements, we can provide a solution that fits your business needs. We can also design your correspondence from scratch with our in-house design team, to ensure it fits within your brand guidelines and all correspondence matches.

hybrid mail mailings

Advantages of using Symbian for Hybrid Mail;

  • No need for you to store envelopes, letterhead paper, or other materials; we print the letterhead at the same time as the rest of the letter and can store and enclose other items too.
  • No wasted paper; we only charge you for the exact amount you send. If your logo or letterhead content changes, we simply update the design; there’s no wasted stock to recycle.
  • Increased staff productivity; your team can send mail to customers or prospects on the fly directly from their computers with just a few simple clicks, or data can be batched together and sent to us on a daily basis, and spend more time on your core business tasks.
  • Reduced costs; Because of the volume of items we send, we have access to discounted postage rates. We pass these rates on to our customers, offering considerable savings compared to using stamps or franking.
  • Speedier service;  Proprietary software pre-sorts your mail to Royal Mail’s requirements before printing. Pre-sorting allows us to use Down Stream Access (DSA) and inject your mail directly into the delivery network. This allows us to offer you a speedier service; our standard 2nd class service reaches your recipients 2-3 days after dispatch.
  • Flexibility; Send exactly what you need, when you need to send it. No minimum volume, no minimum spend, and no forward contracts or ongoing commitments.

reduced costs hybrid mail   What are the SAVINGS?

An example of savings based on a simple A4 colour Letter that gets sent to 300 customers per month would be:

Customer existing cost £0.73 per item, (based on inhouse printing, fulfilment and using Franking machine)

Symbian Mail Cost £0.53 per item

Saving £60 per month

Yearly Saving £720.00


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